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Visita de inspección del Primer Ministro del Gobierno en la nueva planta envasadora de gas domestico


La jornada del jueves 25 de junio de 2015 fue marcada por la visita del Primer Ministro del Gobierno, Encargado de la Coordinación Administrativa, Vicente Ehate Tomi en la nueva planta envasadora de Gas domestico en punta europa.

Esta visita de inspección a la gran obra que está supervisando la empresa Nacional de Gas en Guinea Ecuatorial  en anagrama SONAGAS GE permitirá al Primer Ministro de Gobierno tener de cerca la información sobre la culminación de las obras que se está cometiendo en esta nueva planta.

La Delegación del Primer Ministro fue recibida por la cúpula directiva de SONAGAS GE encabezada por sus dos Directores Adjuntos. Durante la visita, el Primer Ministro dio sus recomendaciones a la directiva que tomó buenas notas al asunto.

El lugar de encuentro de la industria del gas en Guinea Ecuatorial

EG gasOrganizado en colaboración con Sonagas, G.E. y plenamente respaldado por el Ministerio de Guinea Ecuatorial de Minas, Industria y Energía, esta oportuna conferencia será un escaparate de las últimas novedades en las estrategias, oportunidades de nuevos contratos y desarrollos de negocios para los tomadores de decisiones nacionales e internacionales.

Asegúrese de reservar su lugar en este prestigioso foro con el fin de reunirse con los representantes gubernamentales de alto nivel y explotar sus planes estratégicos de negocios en el país. Sonagas, G.E. está a la espera para darle la bienvenida a Guinea Ecuatorial.

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SONAGAS-1 supplies the continental region with gas

As part of Equatorial Guinean government policy, SONAGAS G.E. has acquired SONAGAS-1, the first ship owned by the company to supply gas to the continental region which has hitherto suffered shortages.

Sonagas 1

SONAGAS G.E. has acquired SONAGAS-1 to ship gas from Malabo to the continental region. This will solve the gas problems that people living there had suffered. The ship was built by the Spanish company SIGLOBAL (Sistemas de Ingeniería Global S.A) and was launched in Vigo (Spain) by a delegation from the Equatorial Guinean government, represented by the Ambassador of the Equatorial Guinean government in Spain, the Chairman of SIGLOBAL and other illustrious guests.

Fourteenth Ministerial Meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF)

The GECF ministers in Malabo, Republic of Equatorial Guinea, on 21 November 2012. The meeting was organised by Gabriel M. Obiang Lima, Minister of Mines, Industry and Energy of Equatorial Guinea to exchange views on the current development of the global market for natural gas and the progress made by the forum.

Malabo hosted the Fourteenth Ministerial Meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) held on 21 November 2012. The meeting was attended by Ministers and Delegation Leaders from the GECF’s twelve Member Countries: Algeria, Bolivia, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela, as well as the Netherlands as an Observer Member. The General Secretary of the GECF, Leonid Bokhanovskiy, and Ilya Galkin, the President of the Executive Board, also attended the meeting.

Fourteenth Ministerial Meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF)

The ministers stressed the importance of natural gas as an environmentally-friendly fuel, an abundant resource and a safe, clean, reliable and efficient energy source. They acknowledged the efforts being made by the Member Countries to promote the stable supply of natural gas in order to guarantee the security of sustainable demand and the necessary conditions for infrastructure development. They also stressed the importance of adopting a non-discriminatory and foreseeable legal framework together with energy, commercial, tax and environmental policies to increase the development of the gas industry.

The ministers also examined the changing nature of gas market dynamics and the appearance of new producers and consumers, modern technologies, as well as non-conventional and renewable energy sources that are constantly changing the energy outlook. The ministers reiterated the Member Countries’ support for international efforts aimed at tackling environmental problems. They called for continued cooperation, coordination and exchange of opinions between Member Countries, as well as other industry bodies to achieve the GECF’s aims, and they agreed to hold the Second Summit of Heads of State and Government in the Russian Federation in 2013 and to carry out the next Ordinary Ministerial Meeting in the Islamic Republic of Iran in November 2013.

The ministers accepted the Republic of Iraq’s request to be a GECF Observer Member. The GECF’s work programme and budget for 2013 was also approved and they announced the appointment of Rostam Ghasemi, Minister of Oil of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as President of the Ministerial Meeting 2013, and Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry of the State of Qatar, as Alternate President of the Ministerial Meeting 2013. While he presided over the Ministerial Meeting, the ministers expressed their gratitude to Minister Gabriel M. Obiang Lima for his efforts in 2012.

Source: GECF

The Fifteenth Gulf of Guinea Oil and Gas Conference was a resounding success

The Fifteenth Gulf of Guinea Oil and Gas Conference was organised by the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea with the support of SONAGÁS G.E. The ministers for mines and energy from Western African countries, more than 300 senior executives and other people in positions of responsibility and industry leaders debated different aspects of the region’s oil and gas industry.

The involvement of the CWC Group (GOG) in the Fifteenth Gulf of Guinea Oil and Gas Conference organised by the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy in Malabo on 19, 20 and 21 June 2012 was a resounding success. The conference was opened by Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, the President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, with the support of SONAGÁS G.E., and was attended by the West African countries’ ministers of mines of energy.

The Fifteenth Gulf of Guinea Oil and Gas Conference

The Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy of Equatorial Guinea, Gabriel M. Obiang Lima, who has attended the GOG conferences for the last 6 years declared the conference the ideal platform for promoting the development of national companies in the oil and gas industry in West Africa.

With more than 300 senior executives, people in positions of responsibility and leaders from the oil and gas industry attending, the conference was a great opportunity to make contacts and take part in various meetings and debates about the industry’s future and ongoing development of oil and gas in the region.

Source: Information and Press Office of Equatorial Guinea

SONAGÁS G.E. opens its new headquarters in Malabo II

SONAGÁS G.E.’s new building in Malabo II cost a total of 24 billion CFA francs. It has a modern design spread over 8 floors and has a floor area of 9,599 m₂, which ensures it meets the needs of a society such as ours in which the gas industry has a high profile nationally and internationally.

On 20 July 2011, SONAGÁS G.E. opened the company’s new headquarters in Malabo II. It was built by the Chinese company Yunnan Construcción Guinea Ecuatorial. It is an 8-floor building with a floor area of 9,599 m₂. It contains 43 offices, 8 meeting rooms and a conference room. The total construction cost was over 24 billion CFA francs (€37 million) and it was funded entirely by the Government of Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

Headquarter Sonagas

This new headquarters comply with Decree no. 58-2003 of 18 August, which called upon companies based in the country to build and improve their facilities so as to be able to work in greater comfort. The ceremony was presided over by the Prime Minister and Head of Government, Ignacio Milam Tang. Various authorities were present together with members of the official diplomatic corps in E.G. and representatives from the oil industry.

SONAGÁS G.E. is continuing to work to fulfil its mission of strengthening the country’s industrial capacity by training qualified professionals and through the achievements attained in LNG, methanol, 3G and domestic gas supply projects.