Who we are

SONAGÁS G.E. is a state-owned company that was set up in 2005 by the Government of Republic of Equatorial Guinea to develop gas projects in the country with the aim of maximising returns.

The company is diversifying the energy base and income from the use of gas resources in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. It promotes the use of surplus gas in oil and gas fields nationwide, creating value for numerous associated resources. It promotes opportunities for the development of gas nationwide without ruling out the option of operating abroad.

The company’s aims

• Designing, creating, putting into practice and continually assessing all programmes for processing, marketing and making use of the underground resources found in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

• Carrying out all processes and mechanisms required to make the best use of gas in Equatorial Guinea by using the most advanced technical processes available in the international gas industry.

• Acting as an agent of the Government of Equatorial Guinea to ensure the profits earned by marketing and processing gas are fully returned to the State.

• Promoting a real culture nationwide of using gas in industry and in homes.

• Establishing an ongoing national staff training scheme, carrying out recruitment with a view to implementing new, more advanced features in the industry and so bring about technology transfer.

• Coordinating, centralising and performing, on an exclusive basis, the entire policy and commercial dynamics of the State in operations subsequent to gas production, such as processing, distribution, marketing, transport, export and other gas operations in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

• In short, carrying out all activities involved in the industry in accordance with the law, the company’s articles of association and the most advanced practice in the oil and gas industry.