Development projects

Development projects

As part of its policy to create added value from the country’s gas resources, SONAGÁS G.E. is carrying out various projects together with foreign companies (mainly from the USA).

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Production

We have an LPG production plant, which has been in operation since 1991 (mixed product) and which was modernised in 2003-2005. The main processed product is wet gas:

Butane 8.000


Propane 14.000


Condensed gas 6.000


Main markets: USA and Europe
 Liquefied Petroleum Gas

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Methanol Production

After extraction of condensed gas and LPG from the Alba plant, approximately 130 mmscfd of residual dry gas is supplied to Equatorial Guinea’s methanol plant to produce more than 3,000 tonnes of methanol a day.

  • Start of production: May 2001
  • Production capacity: 1,000,000 tonnes/year
  • Main markets: USA and Europe
Methanol Production

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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Production 

EG LNG is a consortium made up of SONAGÁS G.E. and three multinationals (Marathon Oil, Mitshui and Marubeni) which respectively have a 25%, 60%, 8.5% and 6.5% stake.

LNG production began in May 2007 and the first shipment was sent on 24 May the same year. Around 23,000 m₃/day is produced with 4 shipments per month, a feed gas volume of 600 mmscfd and nominal capacity of 3.72 mtpa.

The plant currently receives a feed gas volume of approximately 700 mmscfd, which allows production higher than the designed level, which is currently close to 25,000 m₃/d with 5 shipments per month.

Local distribution of domestic gas (LPG)

Use of domestic gas is constantly growing nationwide through GEOCAM, a subsidiary. Steps are currently being taken to supply the entire country and research is being conducted with our partners, Marathon and Noble Energy, to guarantee supply for the entire population.

Local distribution of domestic gas

Electricity generation (Bioko Island)

The Turbo Gas plant uses gas to generate electricity on Bioko Island. Current electricity production is guaranteed with a daily supply of approximately 10,600 m₃ of gas.