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Employment Channel

SONAGÁS G.E. and Human Resources

As a state-owned body, SONAGÁS G.E.’s human resources management policy is in line with the company’s general policy to diversify the country’s gas industry. It thus contributes to the general aims of producing assets and earning an economic and financial return on the use of our gas reserves.

SONAGÁS G.E. takes the view that without the benefit of highly-qualified, professional and motivated staff with know-how in a range of disciplines, it will not be possible to achieve the strategic goals set. There can be no doubt that people are our most important asset. With this aim in mind, at SONAGÁS G.E. we select, identify and employ the best talent, analysing the attitudes and behaviour required for each position. We post the most suitable person to the right place, at the right time under the right circumstances. In doing so we always follow the legislation in force and the best professional techniques.

The principles we follow in our recruitment include equal opportunities and promotion without discrimination. These principles lie behind SONAGÁS G.E’s great commitment to quality employment, training and professional development while upholding the ethical and legal principles expected of a company trusted by its customers, shareholders and employees.

Technology transfer

SONAGÁS G.E. has a specific mandate in terms of human resources and technology transfer in the gas industry in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. Article 2.e of Decree no. 45/2005 of 24 January requires our Company to set up an ongoing programme to train national staff recruited with a view to assimilating the most advanced techniques and thus achieving technology transfer.

SONAGÁS G.E. always works to transfer technology to national staff in any of its companies.

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