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    Welcome to SONAGAS’s new website which has been revamped and reflects our determination always to aim higher and offer the best to our customers and all internet users who are interested in our company. The current website ismodern and easy to use. The site design combines the latest usage and access trends to allow quick and easy searching for information without overlooking the functionality through which the service is provided to users.

    This new website has also been updated to the technological cutting edge. Our aim is to boost our web presence and continue to make progress on the internet.

    All of the group’s new portals, which will be progressively adapted to this new model, will be very useful tools for our customers and will strengthen SONAGAS G.E.’s prominent position as a new international gas company.

    Happy browsing!

    About us
    Who we are
    SONAGAS Equatorial Guinea is a parastatal company, our main objective is to develop domestic gas projects seeking higher economic returns.
    Monetising GAS
    Monetising GAS
    The new dynamic promotion and industrialization of gas resources in EG ensures higher levels of development and prosperity for the country’s population.
    Investment opportunities
    Investment opportunities
    Equatorial Guinea is a country with a high potential gas reserves and provides domestic and foreign investors desired balance and profitability.